Leg Pain / Sciatica

The lower back has a greater amount of stress than the upper back due to the great amount of weight it has to support. As a result, displacements of the bones and joints of the lower back frequently occur. These displacements, known as sub-lux-a-tions, cause the nerves to be pinched which can lead to sever hip, leg, and occasionally, foot pain.

This condition is sciatica. It produces a sharp, burning sensation in the longest and largest nerve in the body. Several nerves in the lower back combine to form the sciatic nerve, which travels through the entire leg. Sciatica can be one of the most difficult conditions to treat because the nerves may be pinched or irritated at more than one level; there may also be disc involvement. Some people experience minor back and thigh discomfort before the actual onset of sciatic for weeks or even months. If treatment had started early, chances are the misalignments of these bones could have been adjusted and sciatica could have been prevented. Once the problem has been identified, your Chiropractor can start treating the cause.

Misaligned bones can be realigned through gentle chiropractic adjustments. Many patients begin to feel better after several treatments, but be patient! Sciatica is not an easy condition to treat. You may get some relief one day and have a painful flare-up the next. Time is required for your body to heal the nerve even after the nerve is relieved a the spine is realigned.