Low Back Pain

Most people have the misconception that their backs should hurt due to everyday stress and strain. Fortunately, nothing is further from the truth. If your back hurts, it means you have strained the ligaments or muscles, pinched a nerve, injured a disc, or hurt your back in some other way.

Back pain is the number one condition doctors of Chiropractic treat successfully; it also tops the list of unnecessary surgeries. Even though Chiropractors treat a great number of conditions, they are especially well-known for the marvelous relief they give to lower back pain sufferers.

Because of our lifestyles and the configuration of the lower back, most of us will experience back problems at some time in our lives. Everyone occasionally sits or stands too long, falls, or lifts incorrectly and injures his or her back. Taking pain pills, exercising, sleeping on a firm mattress, and other measures may afford some relief from low back pain, you may develop a long history of back complaints.